Kitten Quality Time
out of Silly and Jazz

Putte (B) 2016

1st CAC + BIS

Hi judge..


Nice review

 With Marc on stage voor BIS

Beveren (B) 201

Ex1 + BIS

My show curtains made by Gwenda

The stage

Judge Mr. D. Grisham

On stage for Best In Show

Gwenda, my new mom, is so proud of me

So nice, my first exhibition and became Best In Show


Kittens Oriëntal Charm and
Ocean Breeze
Out of Ebony and Ricardo

Tiel 2014

Oriëntal Charm
Ex.1 + nominated BIS
Ocean Breeze Ex.1

The judges

New curtains

Gorgeous girl with a great character. Judge Diana Neubauer

What she writes about me?

Visitors Tanja and Misty

Kitten Jazz In The Woods
out of Silly and Quasar
Tiel 2014

1st CAP + 4th place Ring + BIS

The judges

5ft place in Ring

Judge C. Swierts

Became BIS

With his half brother Look At Me

Kitten Ice & Gold out of Dusty & Boy
Gorinchem 2012

Ex.1 + BIV

On the poster: World Champion Larimyr Cream&Silk
of Schaepsdijck

The stage

The show cages

Ready with grooming

Judge Mrs. A. Maes

It's nice here

Are you ready Judge?

Became BIV

Kitten Heart 'N Soul out of Purdy & Arie
Gorinchem 2012


On the poster: World Champion Larimyr Cream&Silk
of Schaepsdijck

The stage

The show cage with 5 cats

Judge Mrs. A Maes

I'm so cute

These people find me very nice

Real love

Kitten Ever So Clever out of Tina & Beau
Zeist 2011

Excellent 1 + Best In Variety + Best In Show

The Stage

My first time on show

Judge Mr. P. Vestjens. Look at my beautiful tail

Best In Variety. together with Anna my new mom

With Kristel and her cat

Best In Show

All the BIS cats longhair on stage

Sander and Anna are so proud

Kitten Daily Mail out of Silly & Beau
Hazerswoude-Dorp 2010

Excellent 1

The Barbie show cage

Grooming myself

Nice lady these judge Mrs. I. Lookx

What are you doing?

So pretty

Purdy & Kybo   Wouw 2010

Excellent 1

Best litter

Nice cages

Here we are

Our staff

Judge Mrs. P.J. Hofman-Onstenk

Yessss..Best Litter

The picture

Just posing for the camera

A beautiful trophy and medals for each kitten

Luna & Beau   Zutphen 2007

Excellent 2

All together

Isn't he cute?

Judge Mr. Knelangen

Beautiful litter


Hello little himmies