Zutphen 2012

2nd Best adult cat NKFV Topcat competition
+ Class of honour Ex. 2

The stage

This is our show cage

Waiting for the judge

Judge Mrs J. Geelen


With some of my breeder friends

Topcat competition 2011-2012 for the best 10 topcats this season

Oh yeah, I am the 2nd best adult cat!!!!

We have so much fun

Gorinchem 2012

Class of honour + received a W.Ch. ribbon

This is me on the poster

The stage

Our show cages

Judge Mr. D. Luysterburg

I don't like this toy

Pffff. done

Nomination and lost

Received a large ribbon for the first and only Himalayan
in the Netherands 2012

Luik (B) 2012

+ Special Price + Nom. BIS

This is the stage

The judges on stage

My little showcage

This is judge Mrs. B. Pepermans

She said I'm such a beautiful Himalayan

She gives me a special price

Here it is on my cage

Waiting for all the nominated cats

No BIS for me but I'm WORLD CHAMPION now!!

World Show Wuppertal (D) 2012
23 judges; on Saturday 608 beautiful cats (36 Persians)

3rd CACM + Nom. BIS

New curtains

The judges from different countries

They were all present

Many beautiful trophies.....

and so many cats


This is Mrs Pam DelaBar from the USA. A very good check!!

She said: "What a beautiful Himalayan"

Nice lady

And another judge has give her signature on the form.

A rest with Ebony

Wow, I'm nominated for the Best In Show

But I lost from the female on the right site

Vlodrop 2012

2nd CACM + Nom. BIS + BIS

The stage

Waiting in my show cage

All the judges on stage

And this is judge Mrs A. Maes

Okay, its done I go away

Who should be nominated for Best In Show?

I am nominated

Best in Show cats

Oh, oh, what a fun on stage

All the BIS cats on stage

The show is over, I have a nice award

Gelsenkirchen (D) 2012

1st CACM + 5th place in the top cat competition
+ 3rd place WCF-Ring + BIS + BOB +

The location

My price for the Top Cat Competition

Judge Mrs. M. Breuer

She said I'm very beautiful

Pff, rest a while

Help, she's killing me!!

Judge Mrs. Hackmann in WCF-Ring. I become the 3rd place

My showcage

This is a steward who brings me to the judges

Nomination Best In Show

The stewards shows us to the public and I become Best In Show

Nomination Best of Best and I won

Each judge will choose the Best Over All



Here I am, the winner!!

Today I have won many awards

Fijnaart 2012

4th CAGCE (Great European Champion)
+ BIV + BIS + BOB +
BEST OVER ALL longhair

The stage

In the showcage

There is no belly spot..

Very good tail..

No words

Judge Mr. Weerts, I think he like me, look at his face

Become Best In Variety

My sweethaert

Become Best In Show

and Best Of Best

Yeahhh, become
BEST OVER ALL longhair

Well done my lovely girl

Bruay Sur L'Escaut (FR) 2012

3rd CAGCE + BIV + BIS + BOB + nominated BOA

The stage

The show cage

On the table for juging

Judge Dennis Luysterburg

Her I become Best in Variety

A close up shot for the local television

Nomination Best In Show

Silly is Best In Show

All Best In Show Persians on stage for nomination Best Of Best

Become Best Of Best with 28 Persians in competition

Nomination Best Over All and the winner is the Exotic

Beautiful cups and ribbons and a show cage from Royal Canin

Willich (D) 2011

2nd CAGCE + Sonderpreis + nominated BIS

The stage

Grooming time

Judge Mrs. J. Lahl

Nomination BIS

On stage

Nice cup

Gent (B) 2011


The Chrismas stage

Hm. grooming

Judge Mrs. A. Maes

What a crowd in here, I don't like it

Become Best In Variety

My cup for Best In Variety

I feel good

All the Best In Show-cats on stage

Become Best Of Best

My nice cups and ribbons

St. Niklaas (B) 2011

3rd CACE (European Champion)
+ Special Price + BIS + BOB + nominated BOA

This is judge Eleonora Ruggiero

Nice face


The stage

A special price for beautiful colourpoint

Waiting in the showcage

Best In Show

Become Best Of Best

Nice price

Nomination Best Of All

All the BOB's on line

The end

Gorinchem 2011

2nd CACE + BIV + BIS + nominated BOB

Nice stage in British style

Together with Luc, Dusty and Flex


Judge Mrs. I. Lookx

Here I am, you can check me now

Hmm, I like this bottle

Become Best In Variety

Waiting for the judges

Nomination Best In Show

All the Best In Show for nomination Best Of Best

With my friends on stage

Recklinghausen (D) 2011

1st CACE + 1st pl. WFU-ring + Best In Variety +
Best In Show + Best Of Best +

Together with Luc

Judge Mr. P. Vestjens. He adores me

The Best In Variety's

Best In Variety

Wow, beautiful cups

WFU-ring Judge Mrs. K. de Bruin

Show to the judges

The Best In Shows longhair

The Best Of Best cats

Silly become BEST OVER ALL!!!

Best Of Best and Best Over All prizes. Well done my sweetheart

Silly has won 5 prizes today

So happy and proud

Gelsenkirchen (D) 2011

3rd CAGCI (Great International Champion)
+ 1st place WCF-ring + Best In Show + Best Of Best 2
+ nominated Best Over All

Nice location

Judge Mrs. Hungerecker

Show me your eyes

Together with Luc

WCF-ring judge Mr. Shegulin

Yessss..first place

Nominated Best In Show

The cats before the judges by the stewards

Yess, Silly has become Best In Show

Which of the three cats will be the Best Over All?

Show the three Best Of Best cats

Silly gets the second place

Well done

Utrecht 2011


The stage

The showcage

Behind the scenes

Judge Mr. D. Counasse

Isn't she lovely?

28 judges; 692 cats in show; 92 Persians

So, finelly rest

Lünen (D) 2011

1e CAGCI + Special Price + Best In Show
+ nominated Best Of Best + 6th place Euro-Ring

The Judges

Together with Luc

Judge Mrs. Bea Vestjens

Special price

Who gets the nomination for Best In Show

Yess, it's Silly become

Euro-ring Judge Mr. Günter Wendt

6th place

Best In Show

Hello, beautiful boy

Nice cups and little mouse

Duisburg-Homberg (D) 2010

3th CACIB (International Champion)
+Best Colourpoint + Best In Show

Christmas stage

New curtains

Grooming, I hate that!!

Judge Mr. B. Goritzka

Best colourpoint

Presentation to the judges

In line

My beautiful cups

Essen (D) 2010

2nd. CACIB

A new show cage


Christmas stage

Oh Christmas tree...

Here I am, I close my eyes...

Judge Mr. Jurgen Kersten

Well, how did I do it?

Who gets the nomination for Best In Show? Not me!!

Hazerswoude-Dorp 2010

1st. CACIB

The location

The stage

A new showcage

Judge Mrs. I. Lookx

Almost done

A part of the show cages

Relax in a strange place

Apeldoorn 2010

3rd. CAC (Champion)

The location


Judge Mrs. Arlette Maes

Don't touch my tail!!

True love

Oer-Erkenschwick (DE) 2010

2nd CAC

Together with Luc

The judges

Let the show begin

Judge Mrs. Janny Geelen

She says I'm very nice

Who's going through for nomination Best in Show?

No Best in Show for me

Rotterdam 2010

CFA Champion

You like my show cage?

93 Persians in competition

Judge Mr. Arie Groenewegen

Judge Mr. Gary Veach

Judge Mrs. Barbara Summer

Judge Mrs. Hilary Helmrich

Judge Mr. George Cherrie

Judge Mr. Walter Hutzler

6x Winner, 6x First Place, 6x Best of Color Class

Become Champion

Relax at last

Westerlo (B) 2010

1st CAC + Best in Show

The stage

Exhibitors with their beautiful cats

What a beautiful girl for 10 month

I can't see

Judge Mrs. J. Vermeulen

Become Best in Show

On stage

My price

I am done