Willich (DE) 2013

Excellent 1 + First CAC + BIS

The Stage, Christmas time!!

Of course, new red curtains

This is judge mr. P.J. Peters

And this is me

All BIS cats in line

Oh, he likes me

All on stage

Received a nice price

My cup.

Harmelen 2013

Excellent 1

The new show cage

Beautiful kitten with a very cobby body

Marja watch how I trim my cat

The judges

Noa, my beauty!!

Hoogvliet 2013


10x Best of Color Class
10x First Place
8x Second Best of Breed
2x Best of Breed
2x Best Champion

My Sturdy

The Show hall

Judge George Cherrie

Yessss.. Best of Breed and Best Champion

Judge Pam DelaBar

So much fun together

Judge Olga Grebneva

Nice judge, she gave me also Best of Breed and Best Champion

Judge Irina Karchenko

Judge Olga Rakitnyh

Judge Arie Groenewegen


Judge Donna Jean Thompson

Judge Kathy Calhoun

Judge Kenny Currle, No I'm not a male!!!  Don't touch me

Judge Ellyn Honey

Gorinchem 2013

Excellent 1 + Special Price + BIS
+ Nominated

Hmmm, nice poster

Ah, the stage

And this is the show cage today

Many cats here

Oh dear, she want to groom my coat

This is judge Mr. Dennis Luysterberg

So tired

So nice, I received a special price

Here I am, on the top of the cage

Nomination BIS

I became BIS and this is the nomination BOB

Jan, Aly en Cecilea

On stage for my BIS trophy

Just awake

Wow, my trophys

 It's my very first show and I won nice prices