Houten 2016

2nd CAGCI + BIV + Nominated BIS

This is the stage

Our show cage

With our breeder friends. Lot of fun together

This is judge C. Swierts with a student judge


Hey, what is there outside?

On stage. I'm BIV

Nominated BIS

The other cat is Breezer. We are best friends

You can see, we are both very relax on show

Delft 2015

1st CAGCI + BIV + Nom. BIS

This is the stage

Mom took the blue curtains to the show

Judge J. Geelen, good weight

Beautiful coat!!

So, I'm ready to go back to my cage

On the stage for BIV

Look At My (that's my name too) such a handsome boy

Nominated BIS

Ofcourse a lot of food on the table

Lot of fun with breeder friends

Beveren (B) 2015

3rd CACIB (Int. Champion)
+ Special Price

New Curtains
The stage

Judge Mr. D. Grisham. He checks my tail

He love me and put me on his belly

A little cuddle

Ahh, such a beautiful, sweet boy

On stage for a Special Price

At student judge Daisy Wouters for her exam

We had a nice day with breederfriends

Helden-Panningen 2015


Our Show cage

This is the stage

Judge Mr. T. Probst

Dental Check

Student Judge Henk Mittenmeijer

You are ready, Yes???

Both Best In Show. Together with Gerrie Broeders

Election for Best of Best

Me and my sweety

BIS cats on stage

Thank you judge

Turnhout (B) 2014


The Stage

This is the show hall

The judge Mr. A. Kolzer

Who is allowed for the nomination BIS?

Luca against the beautiful male from Gerrie Broeders

........and lost from him

Duisburg (D) 2014

3rd CAC + BIS  (Champion)

This is the stage

And this is my show cage

Ah, judge Arlette Maes

Look at me, I like myself

Two beautiful Persian males

Waiting in my cage

This is for the BIS


Wow, this one is mine

Helden-Panningen 2014

2nd CAC + BIV + BIS

Wow, what a big boy

Judge Mr. S. Malz

Hmmm, let me see

Okay, I became BIV

..........and  BIS

Is that mine??

Two nice cups

Tiel 2014

1st CAC + BIV + nominated BIS

The judges

Blehhh, pink is for girls and I'm a BOY!!!!!

What is that on your head. Brrrr. Spooky!!

Together with my big half brother Jazz In The Woods

On stage for BIV

By Marian Draat

Together with Gerry Broeders waiting for the election BIS

In line before the judges

Willich (DE) 2014

Excellent 1 + Nominated BIS

Christmas stage

New curtains for the Christmas cage

My coat is beautiful!!

This is judge P. Peters

Who will be de BIS?

Houten 2014

Excellent 1 + BIV

The stage

With friends

Judge N. Hofman

Hmmm, it's a nice place

Nomination BIS

I'm just like my mom, she says

Judge P. Moormann wants to make a picture of me

So many cats to see

Harmelen 2013

Excellent 1 + nominated BIS

Nice curtains for the cage

Grooming the cats

Cozy moment with sis Chloë

Judge J. Geelen


An other judge for namination BIS

And more judges

Nice prices for the nominated cat

Nijmegen 2013

Best Litter Longhair

The Stage

Waiting in the show cage

With my brothers and sister by Judge J. Geelen

We became Best Litter Longhair

Look, beautiful medals and cup