CFA Wychen 2013


This is my brand new show cage

It's grooming time

Nice boy

9x Second place

1x First place

Judge Mrs. Yanina Lukoshova (UKR)

Judge Mr. George Cherrie (NED)

Judge Mr. Dimitriy Gubenko (UKR)

Judge Mr. Michael Hans Schleissner (GER)

Judge Mr. Peter Vanwonterghem (BEL)

Judge Mrs. Vicki Abelson (USA)

Judge Mrs. Jodi Garrison (USA)

Judge Mr. Arie Groenewegen (NED)

Judge Mrs. VickyNye (USA)

Judge Mrs. Pam DelaBar (FIN)

Emmerich (DE) 2013


The stage


Our show cage

Judge Mrs. J. Geelen

No words

Relax in the cage

Woerden 2013

U1 + nominated BIS

The stage

The show cage

Grooming space

Waiting for the judge

Judge Mr. P.J. van Puffelen

On the top of the cage

4 Colourpoints in line

Defeated by a Harlequin male

So tired