Nijmegen 2015


The stage

Our show cage

Judge N. Hofman

Another judge to take the doubt away about the right color

Yes, she is a tortie point

Ellen and Maarten visit us

Turnhout (B) 2015


The stage

New curtains

This is me

And this is the show hall

Judge S. Wuytack

Helden-Panningen 2014


Our cage

Judge Mr. S. Malz


With Marco and Tanja Apeldoorn

Tiel 2014

3rd CAC (Champion)
+ nominated BIS

The judges

My new curtains

Judge C. Swiers

Who will be the BIS?

Beautiful Chloë has lost

Dinslaken (DE) 2014

2nd CAC + Excellent 1 + BIS + BOB

The stage

This is judge O. Shiculina

I became BIS

The judges wanted to see me again

Yep, and I became BOB

Nice trophy's

Mom and I received beautiful prizes

Goch (DE) 2014

1st CAC + Excellent 1 + Nominated BIS
+ 8th place in ring

The Stage

This time other curtains again

Waiting for the judge

Ah, there is mom, she gives me a big hug

Judge Kaai du Plessis

He's telling about my nose

And about my ears

This is judge Diana Neubbauer

Let's see, who's gonna be BIS?

Hmmm, not me. Okay then let me sleep


Harmelen 2013

Excellent 1

Veterinary Control

The show cage with nice curtains

Grooming the kittens

In line

This is me

Nijmegen 2013

Best Litter Longhair

The Stage

Waiting in the show cage

With my brothers by Judge J. Geelen

We became Best Litter Longhair

Look, beautiful medals and cup