Gorinchem 2012

3th CAP (Premior)+ BIS
+ 5th place Euro-ring

On the poster
: World Champion Larimyr Cream&Silk
of Schaepsdijck

The stage

The show cages

Judge Mr. D. Luysterburg

Beautiful round head

Amazing deep blue round eyes

Nomination BIS

Became BIS

Willich (D) 2012

2nd CAP + BIS

The stage

Me and Chico in the show cage

Beautiful body and round head

Very nice tail

Nomination BIS

On stage for BIS

Euro-Ring The judge likes me, he gave me the 5th place

Gent (B) 2011

1st CAP + BIS

The stage

Christmas cage


Pff. Waiting

Together with Mr. Maes

Judge Mrs. A. Maes

What a Beauty

Beautiful round head

Beautiful coat

Ah, santa

Best In Show

You can't see it now but I have big round dark blue eyes

Nice cup and ribbon

Apeldoorn 2010

Excellent 1 + nominated Best in Show

The location

My very first time

Judge Mrs. Arlette Maes. It's all scary

Who is nominatad for Best in Show??

Babette is nominated

I am beginning to get used