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                            Cattery Van de Schaepsdijck.




In 2006 we started our hobby cattery in Himalayans and

is CFA registered since September 2009.


There are many beautiful cat breeds in this world, but we prefer the Himalayans, sometimes called Colourpoints.

The beautiful blue eyes where the first thing we noticed, which we also, like most Himalayan breeders, immediately fell for. 

Besides the longhair coat, that feels like silk, the calm, particular gentle character of a conventional Persian and also the spicy of a Siamese cat make the Himalayan the perfect cat for us.


Our housemates have all different characters.

That makes each of our cats unique.


All our cats are PKD-DNA tested negative, or come from negative tested parents.




From time to time we have kittens. They are growing up and playing in the living room, among our adult cats.

The kittens will be placed with a contract.

There's a lot of love and time in raising the kittens. so we want only the very best for them.


It's our intention to breed beautiful, healthy and social kittens.

The kittens may leave our house to there new owners, when they are at last 13 weeks old.

We give them a beautiful pedigree and they are fully vaccinated.

We are sure that the new owners enjoy our kittens, just like we do.


We are a closed cattery and do not offer stud services.


 We hope that you enjoy our website and that you come back, from time to time.

It would be nice when you leave a message in the guestbook.


Jan en Jill